The International Violin Competition of Guimarães – 2019 will be dedicated to the violin and will take place between July 21 and 28, 2019, in the main Auditorium of Paço dos Duques de Bragança, in the historical center of Guimarães. It is open to students of the specialized artistic education of music at the level of initiation, basic, secondary and higher up to 20 years.


The main purposes of this competition are:
– stimulate the study, the search for the Beauty, appeal to creativity and the individuality of expression.
– share with the students the opinion of a panel of international juries of different nationalities, perspectives and professional experiences, such as soloists, convert artists, teachers and conductors.
– promote artistic merit and individual effort.
– appreciate, dignify and promote the work of teachers, fundamental promoters of artistic education.
– promote the exchange of learning among students from various national and international backgrounds.
– develop the ability of concentration and memorization
– disseminate the work of Portuguese composers
– promote talents and their projection at international level


The competition is organized by Associação Convívio in partnership with the Alberto Sampaio Museum and the Guimarães City Hall. Eliseu Silva and Marian Pivka are the artistic directors.


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